Naming Brands: a Strategic Act

Quite often an entrepreneur will name their business or product even before they complete a business or marketing plan. For them the name does not have strategic implications or consequences.

But there are many factors to consider when you must “come up with a name”, aside from it being “catchy”.
naming is strategic  Before generating name candidates, ask yourself and your team the following questions: Continue reading Naming Brands: a Strategic Act

Brand Must Reflect Company Vision, Mission, Values and Position to Be Creditable

When building a brand platform for the corporate brand, there are several documents which may have already been created as part of a strategic business plan which should also be part of the brand platform.

And as a corollary, many enlightened companies will have incorporated the brand platform into the strategic plan.

After all, branding is, first and foremost, a strategic activity.

Four strategic statementsSo when I suggest the brand platform should contain the corporate mission statement, vision statement, values statement and positioning statement, it is possible they already exist. But if not and your company has not addressed those statements, I’ll define and differentiate them here so there’ll be no confusion as to the function of each and how each affects the corporate brand. Continue reading Brand Must Reflect Company Vision, Mission, Values and Position to Be Creditable

Defining the brand platform.

As the name suggests, a brand platform is the foundation upon which an enduring brand can be built. Just as with an engineering project, it is the solid base upon which an enduring structure can rise. And if you think of a platform in a train station, that’s where you begin your journey.

Brand platform is the starting point
A solid base on which an enduring structure  rises.

The branding platform takes into account the various factors that affect a brand. These factors may vary according to industry, product category(s), available supply chains, etc.. And of course, the platform will vary if you’re branding a company, a product, a service, an event or a destination. There is no generic brand platform. But for the most part, the “planks” of a brand platform are these: Continue reading Defining the brand platform.

Debunking Two Myths About Branding Start-ups

I know several entrepreneurs who believe branding is not a priority for a start-up company.

I say, NOT TRUE.

And they think the process of branding is too expensive for a small company.

Again I say, NOT TRUE

Branding is especially vital for a start up. Communicating why market members should investigate and then buy from a new company requires that company to stand out and above competitors because most folks won’t move from their existing buying patterns unless the new business offers value and/or improvements. Branding is a way to overcome inertia and communicates value. Continue reading Debunking Two Myths About Branding Start-ups

How to Create a Unique Brand Position

Brand positioning in simple words means to differentiate your brand from the competition in a positive, unique and memorable fashion.
Rising above the static

A Way to Rise Above the Static

Positioning should begin with a knowledge of your competition, their strengths and weaknesses. Then factor in the ways you can differentiate your offerings from those competitors. Build a consistent and long-range brand by promoting the difference your product or service makes through all the branding elements: name, tagline, messaging, graphics, spoke persons, events, sales process, customer service, policies and activities. Positioning means being known for something – something unique and valuable. Continue reading How to Create a Unique Brand Position

A Three-Initial Name Is the Worst Type of Name – By Far

If you are contemplating naming a business with three initials, please think again.

Three-initial names have no personality and they are not memorable

Just pick any three initials for a name that will only cause apathy
Just picking any three initials for a name will only cause apathy

They are usually derived from three generic words that have meaning only to the namer.

CMW, DFI, SLC, GFW: These are three-letter combinations that were registered in one week as corporate names with the Colorado Department of State. Now please participate in this little demonstration: Continue reading A Three-Initial Name Is the Worst Type of Name – By Far